Become a VERTE
Telecom partner

Attractive commission from sale of SIM-cards and lifetime passive income from the account refill by subscribers

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Basic terms of cooperation

Who can become a partner?

  • Individual
  • Entity
  • Any interested person
    Experience in the telecommunications and information security is not required

Types of cooperation

  • Dealer
  • Official representative
  • Suboperator
  • Tech support and professional advice at all stages of cooperation

  • We undertake the technical side of SIM-card operation and protection of privacy

Potential gain

Pure math

  • 01.
    The only one in the region

    A VERTE partner became the only representative of confidential communication in his/her region. For one year he/she sold more than 250 SIM-cards. Net profit was more than 3.5 million rubles, not including passive income - a percentage of account refill by subscribers.

    We have cooperated since autumn 2016
  • 02.
    The profit of 500 000 rubles in a small town

    The town with a population of 200 000 people, the region - 500 000 people. A VERTE partner sold more than 50 SIM-cards within the first 2 months. This brought him/her more than 500 thousand rubles. In the future, a regular income from subscribers refill and sales of SIM-cards was about 200 000 rubles monthly.

    We have cooperated since spring 2015
  • 03.
    Regular sales without investments into advertising

    Due to the social circle a VERTE partner sold 5 SIM-cards within the first month of cooperation. After that, friends of his friends began to approach him.

    As a result, without any investments into advertising, the VERTE partner regularly sells 3-8 SIM-cards per month. He also has a passive income from each account refill.

    We have cooperated since winter 2016
  • 04.
    Connect friends and serve your SIM-card for free

    The VERTE subscriber connected 5 of his friends to a confidential network. Every time his friends refill their accounts, he gets a percentage of the refill amount. Thus, service of his/her own VERTE SIM card is free.

    We have cooperated since summer 2016
  • 05.
    Earn 100 000 rubles within 2 weeks

    In a city with a population of more than 3 million people, a VERTE partner sold 10 SIM-cards within 2 weeks without any experience and connections. Net profit was more than 100 000 rubles.

    Then about 50% of new customers came on the recommendation of colleagues and acquaintances. At the same costs for promotion - profit is 2 times more.

    We have cooperated since spring 2017
There are those cases which publication was permitted

How much can you earn in your city or region?

When calculating the profitability, VERTE specialist will take into account the population, the GDP of the region and the presence of competitors

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